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The Indian Feminist prides itself on being an inclusive platform and we are always on the lookout for talented writers or poets to be featured. We want to hear what is important to you and allow you to be able to raise your voice to a large community that cares.

Before you send your submissions to or down below please read our guidelines:

  1. The article or poem must be in align with the Indian Feminists general mission and values

Our values include but are not limited to addressing topics about, women and marginalized groups' experiences, including personal experiences, taboo topics, interviews, inequitable practices or values in South Asian communities, sexism, racism, colourism, ableism with a South Asian focus and LGBTQ+

  1. In terms of writing quality, the work should be:
  • Clear and concise and focused
  • Well organized and engaging
  • Free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Having a respectful and open-minded tone. No slurs or swear words.
  • If you are writing about your opinion, clearly state that it is your opinion
  • Cite source and accurately convey the facts e.g. "According to _____ 24% of women do not feel safe at work [1]" 
  • Minimum word limit 450 words, there is no longer a maximum limit
  • Please be open to the editing process if necessary.
  1. Duplicate Submissions/Original Work:
  • Please only submit what is your own work and give credit to other authors when using their ideas.
  1. Your Name, Bio & Photo
  • We understand with certain topics some authors may not feel comfortable having their name or photograph published- you are more than welcome to publish anonymously or under a pen name.
  • If you wish you can include a short bio (no more than 60 words) at the bottom. You can attach a high-resolution jpeg author photo (head and shoulders shot are best)
  • Please be aware The Indian Feminist reserves the right to publish your text and photos at its own discretion.
  1. Publishing Your Work
  • The Indian Feminist will confirm with you via email if your piece has been approved. 
  • Submissions will not always be published straight away. If we accept but don’t publish your piece, don’t worry we will probably be holding it on for later.
  • If we reject your piece it will be due to not following these guidelines, we will be happy to provide feedback to help you submit again.

 Send in your submissions to or down below



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