For Badass Brown Women Worldwide

The modern South Asian woman is bold, fierce and unapologeticly herself. Our work is inspired by the experiences of women of color, celebrating the strength and empowerment of our sisters worldwide


South Asian women face a vast range of challenges and barriers - often behind closed doors, without realising so many others are going through the exact same thing.

Our mission is to collectively own our experiences, and to bring these unspoken issues to light.  Through our art,  apparel and articles, uplifting and embracing what it means to be an badass woman of colour is what we're all about. 

[Translation: Didi = Sister]

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To My So Called Father

Not only did I have to endure years of racism on an everyday basis, I had also been abandoned by you...

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A Seat At The Big Boys Table

"How can you claim to love me unconditionally, while simultaneously being oppressive towards me?"

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New Brown America

“This is new brown America. The dream is for you to take, so take that shit.” - Hasan Minhaj 

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What our sisters are saying

Brown women go through shit ton of conditioning and breaking away from it takes a lot of work. Most girls do not talk about it as they've just accepted things. Through pages like yours we have a voice...Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


"Founded by two Punjabi Girls, Simran and Harsharin, The Indian Feminist has become vehicle of women's empowerment"

The Times of India

This stuff was so cool to see! Being a young, Indian female and currently getting a degree in Asian Studies, focusing on Southern Asia, I was so ecstatic to see art such as this. It has so many modern themes mixed with keeping one’s culture alive. I love it!!!


This is so perfect. I can’t wait to show it off!! Love the designs, they’re so perfect for young desis.


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